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Karen Willingham

I grew up in Metairie, LA. Where I learned to love working with my hands from my Mother. I went to college in Lafayette, LA where I met the love of my life. We married and made our home in Lafayette. We have raised a great son. I became a florist in 1979 and worked for many years in the florist industry. I worked my way up to Master Florist by taking classes and learning from other florists. I always had a love for creating.

I have been wanting to work with computers since 1975. I had a chance to build a computer that could only do one thing, Chess. I was not able to take the class but that did not stop me from learning all about computers.

My first computer was a Commodore 64. I learn to write programs and do everything the 64 would allowed. I ever was the fist in our area to beat an online game before anyone else. This was when you had dial up and was dialing to one computer with only one person at a time could pay the game. You could only pay on that game for 15 minters at a time.

Next was chatting with people on IRC. This is when I was challenge to learn HTML and then teach others how to create web paged with HTML and notepad.

Since then I have be creating websites. I worked for a company before I was lay off working on that took me to the next level of web design. I worked on Lafayette Travel, Lafayette Travel and MidSouth Bank. The sites I worked on has be change a few time since I worked on them. It was a challenge to keep up with so many pages but I enjoy it and was very disappointed to be laid off.

I work from home doing new sites and the up keep of client sites after work. By doing not full time gives you a advantage to be charged much less.

I hope you will give me the chace to meet with you and let me creative your site.

Give me a call at (337) 205-2568 or e-mail to set up an appointment.